Paragliding world,

Welcome on this site which I created to share my passion, the paragliding worldwide!

When we go abroad, and when we want to take off our paraglide, it is often very complicated and long to find enough information to go to fly. As a result, either we give up, or we spend a lot of time and of energy to find information at the risk of going on a spot where we do not know either the dangers, or the regulations, or the potential...

Fly far from at our home is not harmless. It is necessary to get organized, to verify everything before leaving. And in spite of your efforts, you will always have surprises.

I decided to collect here all the necessary information to go on spots, particular conditions according to countries, where find accommodation all around... To simplify at most your stay.

Often travelling, but for short durations, the information that I can supply you shall be restricted enough to big cities and their surroundings.

I also put information on the spots where I had the pleasure to fly in France.

But my only experience this day is not enough to collect enough information to direct you all around the world. The life is unfortunately too short to make of the paragliding on all the sites of the world!!!
To enrich the site, and to satisfy a maximum of paraglobetrotteurs, you can send me an e-mail with the complete description of the site, in the style of my explanations, and I would really indulge to add them, so that it is the most complete possible. There are thus pages without too many details, or with links towards the blogs of those who went there, or schools local to direct you better without losing too much of time to look on the net.

It is simply an exchange of information grouped on the same website.
I do not have time nor the skills to make a very design website, thus please accept the simplicity of my work. I remain very open to all your suggestions, the further information which you have, as well as the errors that I would have written, or the tariff update.

I thus hope that this site will help you to travel the world with your glide, and do not hesitate to subscribe to the page Facebook of paraglidingworld. Every time I add a spot of flight, or every time I modify the information, you will be directly informed about it!
Do not hesitate to visit the BEFORE JOURNEY PAGE for some information which shall help you everything to take place for best, to discover my Personal PRESENTATION or find a paraglider ready to welcome you thanks to Couch paragliding...

I wish you a good reading and I stay in your listening for any advice!

I need your opinion, your advice to improve the site, so do not hesitate!

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